Search necessary tickets with complex criteria and export the results without limitations
Main features
Visual extended
search by ticket fields
Useful filters
to simplify a search
Custom ticket field
visibility in search
Unlimited number
of entries for the export
Export search
results to CSV files
After installing the application, you can use an additional page of field settings. On this page, the Administrator can see a list of all types of tickets / statuses / fields and make them obligatory depending on your workflow.
To simplify the workflow, you can use the Filters section with the visual filters:
  • Basic filters by Status, Type, Priority are implemented in the app;
  • Tag filter contains included and excluded options;
  • Different types of dates (Create date, Update date, etc.) in different combinations (greater/less than, between, exclude, etc.);
  • Search by Subject and Description and even Custom ticket fields;
  • Various Requester fields (Organization, Submitter, CC and Channel);
  • Assignee or Group fields of ticket and their combinations.
The Columns section consists of the various ticket fields, that can be shown or hidden. In the Search results, you can see commonly used ticket fields. You can display even Description field, that contains first comment in the ticket.
Based on the configuration view you can export the search results to CSV file. You have two options:
  • Export the search results from the current page (maximum 100 records);
  • Export all the search results in the query, without any quantity restrictions.
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