Yggdrasil is a minimalistic and customizable theme for Zendesk Guide. It's ideally suited for organization of content in the Help Center.
Theme features
Disclosure of the
section's contents in
boxes with a visual
list of articles
Displaying the catalog
on all pages
Supports multilevel
Suitable for large and
detailed knowledge
Setting options:
  • Manage and moderate your public content, control spam, and configure notifications.
  • Add user profiles to your Help Center
  • Manage security to your Help Center.
  • Change the default sorting for comments.
  • Create integrations which you need.
  • Allow your agents to submit requests through forms and manage them in your activities.
  • Manage your article verification rules and update knowledge base content.
  • Enable multiple languages for your Help Center and customize your Help Center’s name.
  • Manage your help center search results.
  • Add community features to your Help Center.
Customize theme:
  • You can customize styles and designs to reflect your identity. Adapt your logo, colors, fonts, images, icons, article and section page elements without code editor.
Update & Support:
  • We are available to help answer your questions about this theme and provide an optimal solution for create a custom theme.
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